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    [GET] The Black Book of Forex Trading (ePub, Mobi and PDF) By Paul Langer

    The Black Book of Forex Trading (ePub, Mobi and PDF) by Paul Langer

    A Proven Method to Become a Profitable Forex Trader in Four Months and Reach Your Financial Freedom by Doing it!

    A Proven Method to Become a Profitable Forex Trader in Four Months and Reach Your Financial Freedom by Doing it!

    Have you lost money trading the Forex Markets? Or are you consistently winning and making a regular income with your trading?

    Are you watching the markets without enough confidence to enter trades?

    Are you spending money in third-part systems that don’t seem to yield you any results?

    Are you wasting your money trading without enough knowledge?

    Do you want to understand the systems and tactics advanced and professional Forex traders use to build their accounts?

    The knowledge and information contained in The Black Book Of Forex Trading was learned by me after several years of losing, trying and testing. Spending thousands in systems, courses and coaches to get to where I am now.

    You could easily learn the core of what I know by reading this book. And literally change your trading forever since the concepts are simple and easy to follow.

    What actionable and realistic Forex tactics will you learn by reading this book?

    • How to stop struggling with the markets
    • How to STOP losing money!
    • Gain enough confidence to trade, knowing that you have the right knowledge and the numbers are in your favor
    • Adapt any of my THREE proven, powerful yet simple forex trading strategies to your own needs (day trade, swing trade or position trade)
    • Start earning money CONSISTENTLY
    • Become a profitable trader in four months or less
    • Fund your financial freedom and the lifestyle you want with your trading

    Trading doesn't have to be complicated to make you money

    Aimed for beginner to intermediate traders who can’t yet become successful in their trading, this book will guide you and help you answer many questions normally other books, courses and gurus won’t cover.

    Written by a real trader who lost most of his life savings due to bad trading, only to make them back many times over after learning a Proven, Powerful yet Simple method that is COMPLETELY laid out for you in this book, no secrets kept.

    This book covers the three main areas of Forex Trading:

    1- Strategies - how to adapt a winning strategy to your personal lifestyle and needs (no black box or spaghetti charts full of indicators and lines, just simple and pure price action, easy to read and follow)

    2. Money Management - How to optimize and maximize your winnings without risking too much

    3. Get control of your emotions and become a better trader - Why most traders let their emotions rule their trading and a few simple steps to control how your mind play tricks to you while you trade.

    At the end of the book you will find a very simple to follow yet very powerful blueprint to plan your next months, get control of your financial future and achieve your trading success.

    Mushin's Mini-Review.
    I am very interested in Forex (Foreign Exchange Currency Trading), and I am always looking for new eBooks, courses and anything I might can learn from.

    In case you are new to Forex and currency trading in general, this is "NOT" Commodities Trading! It is sometimes referred to as the "Retail" or "The Forex Spot Market". You can demo trade, using a Forex Brokers trading platform, and learn with demo or fake money, and when you feel confident, open a live, real money account. One of the main things that I like about Forex trading, is that once you master the art and business of trading, you can "Live Anywhere, Go Anywhere"! Seriously, as long as you have an internet connection and a notebook computer, you can earn a living! I find this very powerful!

    OK, lets get to the review. I was surprised with this book. I had recently read lots of these tiny Forex Trading eBooks, and most were %and^#@, but I really liked this one. The author comes across like he really is a Forex Trader, and not some Internet Marketing Guru, trying to "Fake It"!

    The eBook starts off with a bold statement; "A Proven Method to Become a Profitable Forex Trader in Four Months and Reach Your Financial Freedom by Doing it!" The eBook is basically the author's personal story or journey on how he finally figured out how to earn a living trading the Forex markets. It is an interesting story.

    To keep this Mini-Review short, I liked that the eBook was "Simple". No complicated indicators, just simple trading strategies and methods. Simple is very important. Simple means the trading system is easy to understand and learn, and then master. I don't like complicated trading systems. The author also covered the mental aspects of trading, in that you need to control your emotions, and get a handle on how you use your mind, in regards to trading.

    The eBook covers "Position, Swing and Scalping Systems", which gives you options on how you can trade (Long or Short Term and etc).

    Is this eBook good for beginners? Yes, I feel it is very good for beginners, in that it is easy to understand, but it might take you multiple readings of the book to grasp some of the concepts if you are a beginner. It is a good place to start, if you are a beginner, since you can read the step by step instructions and see some pictures of what to look for. If you have some experience with Forex, you might not get as much out of this book, since his systems aren't anything really new, he is just explaining them in the manner he uses them to be successful.

    I feel the author also explained his system and methods in a simple and easy to understand manner. Good written information with just enough chart pictures to explain what he is doing. He also offers a spreadsheet file so you can maintain a Trading Journal, which is very important to do. His sales page states he now provides an 80 minute video, but I haven't watched it.

    OK, let me back track and clarify something. Lots of Forex authors, "Can't Write" (or teach very well)! They put so much "Stuff, Fluff and Junk", that it is like wading through a swamp to get to where you want to go, and sometimes you can't figure out what they are trying to explain! That is why I feel this eBook could be of use to a Forex Beginner. It is simple in a Good Way! An experienced trader might be "underwelmed", because he is not teaching anything really "New".

    I really liked this eBook on Forex Trading. Maybe you will also.

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    Click here to become VIP Member to download or access it!

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    Thanks for the share.

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    thank you so much

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    thanks a lot dude

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    Thank you !



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