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    Imad Jaaj
    156 - @JamesHere gone AWOL - No Support, bad Service

    I don't want to but I feel that people will keep moaning but not actually doing anything to get @JamesHere from Blackhatworld to fix his business.

    I have used his service off and on. Its never really worked so I kinda forgot about it.

    I then checked my emails to see a ton of his emails in my inbox so I thought I would check it out again, see if there are any improvements but no, it's still slow after months, buggy and there is NO SUPPORT at all. Quite often the report 'views' they've implemented do NOT tally up with the Youtube videos at all.

    I'm not on about the odd missing views, I'm talking about a video that have, say 20 views, you order a test of a 1000 but you only go up about 40 views if anything at all. You wait sometimes days, once a month because I've forgotten about it, the views just turn up.

    I posted in his thread a few weeks ago, maybe a couple of weeks to flag up that his thread is going to crap, everyone is saying the same things... No views and NO support at all.

    I thought maybe something has happened to him so I posted this which shows that they are still emailing etc. It also shows that he is NOT supporting his BHW thread at all.

    You can skim through the last few pages of his thread, everyone is complaining.

    I have been in PMs with @MisterF who I believe his hands are tied, hence why I am posting this thread.

    My most recent test orders, using the funds I had months ago were stuck so I then posted this and clearly stated to the mods I tagged, requesting that if he responds and fixes his crap customer support, or actually have one... Please do delete the posts, I don't want crap on anyone's business, never but I have a horrid feeling that the many people who are also replying are a small fraction of the people who are at a loss with no orders being fulfilled OR no support at all.

    After I posted the above post, my order sprung back into life... But no support or any communication.

    @MisterF then posted this but I felt like I couldn't really shitlist because althought I have like 20bucks left, my orders had finally caught up so technically not out of pocket but lost time... A lot.

    @JamesHere has been online and clearly read the thread but is choosing to ignore it and communication.

    Again, like I said above... I do not want to crap on anyone's business but these are the facts

    Orders sometimes do not work
    The thread is littered with people requesting refunds
    The thread hasn't been responded to at all by @JamesHere for weeks
    The seller is emailing on a regular basis about deals etc so they are not ill, dead or a sudden loss in the family.

    Again - I am hoping this is a kick up the backside to show @JamesHere that customer support is EVERYTHING, more so when the reviews on his own website are taken from this very website.
    Un peu de JaaaaaJ

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    thanks for noticing us bro

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    good to know!

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    definitely be on the lookout for that
    Hardcore You P*ssy MotherF*cker!

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    will join asap!



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