Greetings All,

My business is producing 4G networks primarily for the United States. I contract with 2 primary 4G carriers: Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless 4G. I carry these networks in over half of the United States. Below is a listing of what I currently carry.

Sprint PCS - Brooklyn, New York
Sprint PCS - Washington, D.C.
Sprint PCS - Chicago, Illinois
Sprint PCS - Brooklyn, New York
Sprint PCS - Las Vegas, Nevada
Sprint PCS - Dallas, Texas
Sprint PCS - New York City, New York
Sprint PCS - Atlanta, Georgia
Sprint PCS - Akron, Ohio
Sprint PCS - Wilmington, Delaware
Sprint PCS - Phoenix, Arizona
Sprint PCS - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Sprint PCS - Kansas City, Missouri
Sprint PCS - Austin, Texas
Sprint PCS - Jackson, Mississippi
Sprint PCS - Des Moines, Iowa
Sprint PCS - Miami, Florida
Sprint PCS - Atlanta, Georgia
Sprint PCS - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Sprint PCS - Post Falls, Idaho
Sprint PCS - Charlotte, North Carolina
Sprint PCS - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Sprint PCS - Montgomery, Alabama
Sprint PCS - Boston, Massachusetts
Sprint PCS - Akron, Ohio
Verizon Wireless - Phoenix, Arizona
Verizon Wireless - Dallas, Texas
Verizon Wireless - Los Angeles, California
Verizon Wireless - Birmingham, Alabama
Verizon Wireless - Orlando, Florida
Verizon Wireless - Las Vegas, Nevada
Verizon Wireless - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Verizon Wireless - Charlotte, North Carolina
Verizon Wireless - Nashville, Tennessee
Verizon Wireless - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Verizon Wireless - New Orleans, Louisiana
Verizon Wireless - Washington, D.C.
Verizon Wireless - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Verizon Wireless - Los Angeles, California
Verizon Wireless - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Verizon Wireless - Newark, New Jersey
Verizon Wireless - St. Louis, Missouri
Verizon Wireless - Indianapolis, Indiana
Verizon Wireless - Portland, Oregon
Verizon Wireless - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Verizon Wireless - Sacramento, California
Verizon Wireless - San Francisco, California
Verizon Wireless - St. Louis, Missouri
Verizon Wireless - Miami, Florida
Verizon Wireless - New York City, New York
Verizon Wireless - Chicago, Illinois

I primarily build these networks for major instagram operators running large amounts of commercialized bot accounts. But there are many other uses for them as well. The 4G networks are offered in http authenticated proxy format. There will be no socks versions.

Now for the rules and regulations:

1.) If you contract any of these services, you are not permitted:

A.) to commit any type of fraud (this includes financial & every other type)
B.) to perform any type of hacking, cracking, penetration testing or the likes
C.) to perform any type of network abuse specified or unspecified
D.) spamming of any type (includes email and forum spam)

All of these locations and providers are available with or without an rdp. If you want a 4G network with an rdp, the technical specifications of the rdp are as follows:

1.) Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (v.1903 - June 2019)
2.) Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20 GHz
3.) 4 GB of DDR4 Ram
4.) 100 GB SSD Hard Drive

**There is no extra charge to add an rdp to a 4G account. Limit 1 per client.**

**All 4G networks rotate their ip addresses every 10 minutes. This is done automatically and does not require client intervention to get it done. IP rotations stay within the ip allocation for that particular city and state. This is not a botnet, so the ip's do not jump to other networks upon ip rotation.

Bandwidth Allocation:

Bandwidth is literally unlimited. All of my contracts with both Sprint and Verizon are for unlimited bandwidth.

If you are botting anything, especially instagram or other social media networks, stock up on genuine U.S. 4G networks here: