# We are No. 1 in finding someone's SSN, DOB in the USA
# We succeed over +1000 cases, helping many people confirm successful information for big companies: Amazon, Ebay, Paypal,.v.v.

* SSN: Social Security Number
* DOB: Date Of Birth
* BG: Background
* DL: Driver License

- Payment method: only BTC
- Rule For SSN, DOB, BG, DL:
We look for SSN, DOB, BG, DL based on your information given to us. Therefore the accuracy of the results depends on your information. You need to make sure, the information you give us is real people, valid addresses, everything must be accurate.
+ We will REFUND if the record does not exist
+ We will NOT REFUND, if we have other results, close to your original information 70 - 80%
+ Time: 12 - 24 hours, not working on Sundays and holidays in USA. Time may be higher if we have trouble

Please read carefully before making a transaction. To make a transaction, you agree to all of the above. Thank you !

Price For SSN, DOB, BG, DL:

*. SSN, DOB: 20$ / 1 Person
*. BG: 15$ / 1 Person
*. DL: 15$ / 1 Person

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