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    Cool [SELL] VPS Packages With Pre-Installed Software Tools

    An Exclusive BlackHatProTools Offer

    Guys, I decided to release some VPS packages with pre-installed, licensed and ready to use software tools, which I think might be useful for many of you. This offer is not publicly available on my website, nor I have plans to release it to on other forums.

    I want to outline that NONE of the tools on my machines is cracked/with modified source code or is taken from the “SEO Tools” section on BHPT. Each software piece is with a valid license, up to date and can be further updated whenever a new version is released.

    Below is a list of some of the tools available at the moment. More tools and features will be added in the near future, so please feel free to post requests for tools you need.

    Please make sure you read the FAQ section before you place your order.

    (In The Hidden Content)

    **Hidden Content: To see this hidden content your post count must be 0 or greater.**

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is the VPS shared or dedicated?
    A: Each VPS I provide is dedicated only for you and can't be accessed from anyone else, even from me(if you change the Administrator's default password, which is recommended).

    Q: Is my data safe? Can you or anyone access my data used with the software tools you provide?
    A: Short answer – No. None of the tools I currently provide use cloud storage, everything is stored locally(on the hard drive of your VPS). Since you are the only one using the VPS, no one will be able to see or steal your projects, data, etc.

    Q: What datacenter locations are available?
    A: The available datacenter locations are listed on the website and can be chosen during the ordering process. Currently, the available locations are: Germany, Finland, Netherlands and the USA

    Q: Are your machines stable?
    A: For the period 2010-2014 I founded and operated one of the most popular VPS hosting companies around, which I sold. That being said, I pretty much know what am doing and since I started the current hosting company, around 8 months ago, there isn’t a single case of a server being down.

    Q: Why is my VPS being slow?
    A: I have a script algorithm in place, which doesn't allow overloads of the servers. Physical servers are monitored manually as well. If you feel your VPS being slow, in 99% of the cases is because of high latency in your connection to the datacenter. That’s why it’s very important to select a datacenter closest to your physical location.

    Q: Why was my VPS rebooted?
    A: As I said above, the resource consumption of your machine is being monitored constantly. If you overload your VPS (CPU constantly at 100%, RAM overload), you will be notified via email to take action and lower the load of the VPS. If you fail to do that in a timely manner, your VPS will be rebooted in order to prevent performance disturbance of other machines on the same physical server.

    Q: Do you provide support or configuration for the software tools installed on the VPS?
    A: No, I don’t. Please don’t ask me to configure or install anything on the VPS for you. The machines are unmanaged, which means that I take care of everything being up and running, the rest is up to you.

    Q: How do you manage to offer expensive, licensed software tools at such cheap prices?
    A: Please don’t ask me such questions, they will be ignored. I have different approaches for different software tools. In all cases, I have bought and/or continue to pay monthly subscriptions for them.

    Q: Will I be able to clone/copy your licenses and use them on my local machine or any other VPS?
    A: This is highly unlikely. If you order a package with the intention to steal the license, I will need to disappoint you. Like I’ve already said, none of the tools is cracked or with modified source code, so copying the source folder to another machine will not get you running. There is nothing else installed on your VPS except the official software tools installers - licenses are not validated locally on your machine. In all cases, if I notice you are trying to clone/steal a license, your service will be immediately suspended.

    Q: Are there any discounts for BHPT members?
    A: Yes, there are. For regular members, there is a 10% discount on your first order. For VIPs, the discount is 25%. To get your personal discount code, please press the “Thanks” button below and ask for your discount in a reply to this thread. I will then send you a PM with your discount code.

    Q: Are there any discounts for ordering multiple machines?
    A: Yes, please contact me for a custom offer.
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    give me a discount code

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    thanks for the info

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    give me discount code

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    pls give me a discount



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