A while ago, I was a member of another forum that provided tools and it eventually became a ghost town unfortunately. Then several months later I came across this forum and here I am. I know it’s a lot of work to manage all the tools here, respond to dead link posts and answering the countless questions of members needing help. It’s probably a thankless job if we’re being honest because we live in a society where the norms are “take, take and take some more” and no one is genuinely all that inclined to take a step back to appreciate the “value” of those that give & sincerely say thank you for all that you do.

In trying not to sound like a cliché, myself.. like many other members (assuming it’s safe to speak for the community as a newbie around here) I can echo confidently the sheer appreciation for the painstaking efforts that it likely takes to update, manage and oversee a forum and community like this.

Continue to persevere and move forward with this community. It goes without saying that with each day that you continue to keep this community alive and thriving that you’re ultimately placing the members needs before your own. This embodies the title of this post when I say, it's "you before me" and as our BHPT team, that's what you reflect in your efforts to us it's comprehensive entirety.

There are many, even without knowing everyone’s story that are making headway and strides in online and internet marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing and in the online landscape that wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable tools and information that exist here.

The access provided for a flat fee is a value and advantage that cannot be underestimated or dismissed and that is all connected to the access to information and strategies that likely would not have been achieved or realized without the help of a community such as this one that provides that path that otherwise would not have been made possible.

So without continuing to be extremely wordy in this testimonial of gratitude and appreciation, in closing I’d like to say on behalf of the community for those that may feel the same way I do.. thank you to everyone who works tirelessly to crack the code to the closed doors on software and information that otherwise would not be accessible to us without you.

We appreciate you more than you know BHPT.