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Make Money Method Kayazuki

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    [GET] Gmail Master Cracked - A Master Of Gmail Creator

    UPDATED : 04-08-19 - 08:10:56 GMT

    The GmailMaster is finally here.
    Create Bulky Gmail Accounts 100% automatically, Send mass emails very easily ,
    Extract emails from your gmail list by one click , Set your old gmail
    account, Change your gmail accounts password , unlock your locked gmail
    accounts and so on ..."

    We have noticed that there is a big need
    of email accounts for marketers to promote their online bussiness and
    there is also a big need to send mass emails to explode your sales...
    Now , GmailMaster can help yout deal with all this kinds of things

    We believe that with the features contained within the GmailMaster, you will now have a product that you can now rely on for your long-term usage:

    Here's main feature list of GmailMaster

    Gmail Account Creator Module ($67)

    • Create Custom Usernames.
    • Create Custom Display Names.
    • You can design yourself gmail account id style template.
    • Create any amount gmail
      accounts automatically , you can input captcha manually or use to bypass captcha automatically.

    • After account register,program can enable POP,IMAP,Forward and auto responder automatically.
    • Created Gmail accounts can be exported to be a simple text file format.

    • Notice:Currently,this
    • module need you change ip or use good private proxies to create more
      gmail accounts.And the average speed is 1-2 minutes to create one gmail
      account and need abount 2-3 captcha for every account.We are trying to
      develop a new creator to improve the speed and don't need very good
      proxies. So at present,if you can't accept the speed to create account
      and can't use good proxy or change ip by yourself, we don't recommend
      that you buy this module.

    Gmail Account Set Module ($47)

    • Load old accounts to set pop automatically.
    • Load old accounts to set IMAP automatically.
    • Load old accounts to set Forward automatically.
    • Load old accounts to set auto responder automatically.
    • Load old accounts to unlocked locked accounts automatically.
    • Load old accounts to change password automatically.

    Mass Email Sending Module ($77)

    • GmailMaster can use created or loaded gmails to send mass emails automatically.
    • You can design/edit/save your
      email templates very easily , and you also can use variables in email
      template to generate many different emails automatically from one

    • You can use locked gmail accounts to send email directly , program will unlock account automatically.
    • You can import the recipients
      data from a csv file which you harvest from craigslist(or any other
      place) like email,city,title..etc and you can use them as variable in
      our email like Subj: Re:{title} , Body: hey i have seen ur post at
      {link}..i am coming to {city} blabla....

    • The software can send 100 emails with one gmail account in 1 minute using BCC function.
    • You can load an email list
      into the software from the CPA company you want to work with , then
      software will not send email to these recipients who don't want to
      receive your email about the CPA company.This will avoid you to get

    Email Extract Module ($47)

    • Extract emails(name ,email , subject ,date...) from your gmail accounts.

    Other functions (Freely and Integrated with all other modules)

    • Integrate to bypass all captcha 100% automatically.
    • support proxy (Auto-rotating) and can search proxy from internet automatically.
    • also works with the third-part proxy rotate software like Tor,HideMyIP and ProxyFireWall.
    • contains a macro function,so
      that you can extend the function whatever you can imagine.(Like you can
      control your router to disconnect and reconnect to change ip for
      creating new gmail account).
    • Excellent help and support by email and live chat.
    • Free update.

    Here are some pictures of GmailMaster

    The picture for creating and set gmail accounts (click to see big picture)

    The picture for creating and editing email template (click to see big picture)

    The picture for sending mass emails using gmail accounts

    There are some videos to show you how GmailMaster works

    Create gmail account with automatic ip changing by macro funcion

    Add/Edit email template with variables

    Send email to 100 recipients less in one minute

    There is no sale page,there is no more words.The concept is easy , the software is
    powerful.Act Now to become the Master of Gmail.

    You can buy every single function from above buy button , or you
    also can buy all functions with the lowest price now at the Limited

    All Modules Only $238 $147 (Save $91)


    ** Exclusive VIP MEMBERS Content: Reply to see the content **

    Click here to become VIP Member to download or access it!

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    Thanks a lot for that! Sounds very amazing!
    Selling Xrumer Liscence !

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    Apr 2013

    Awesome stuff! Thanx for the post!

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    Thank you

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    Apr 2013

    Let's see thank you

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    May 2013

    let's see how this one is working out

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    May 2013

    looks promising..

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    Thanks Dictator

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    Links working fine

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    looks nice will try


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