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    [GET] Ghost CPA - I Made Over $3578 Yesterday - The Complete iFraming Solution !

    UPDATED : 08-10-19 - 08:41:28 GMT

    Dear Fellow Internet Marketers,

    You have stumbled across a tool that myself and a few other people have been using for the past half a year and have been earning LITERALLY over $3,000 daily, some days even pushing $5,000. I'm not going to waste your time here and try to sell you on this thing by giving you the usual garbage, because you all know just how powerful iframing can be. With iframing you can go darkredhat, greyhat, or flat out BlueFart with your CPA offers. You can take a free iPhone offer and crop out the email part and create a more attractive landing page around that offer. Or you can go straight-up black hat and crop that offer and stick that on a website telling them they need to input their email to continue. The possibilities are truly endless with GhostCPA and the amount you can earn with the help of GhostCPA is literally endless. Here is a list of some of the features included with GhostCPA:

    Just an overview of some of the features of GhostCPA:
    Automatic iFrame rotation built in
    Fake the referrer
    Blank the referrer
    Show the referrer
    Show a pop-up message after a form submission
    Redirect to another URL after a form submission
    Control second page of iframe submits and resize accordingly to keep conversion rates up
    Automatic code generation
    Manage iframes by campaign
    Manage iframes by CPA network
    Generate iframe code by campaign (Put 50 iframes in a campaign, will generate code automatically
    Access to private sections of GhostCPA forum

    When iframing the offer you have access to a control panel that is unrivaled. Some of the features of the control panel are:
    iFrame an Offer in under 30 seconds!
    iFrame the first page of an offer
    iFrame the second page of an offer so conversion rates stay high
    Clean crop tool, nothing messy
    Photoshop-type crop tool, allowing for easy resizing
    Robust control panel shows EXACT width and height of current iframe, useful when you need it to be a certain size
    Control panel shows X and Y positioning of iframe on current page

    Automatic Code Generation:
    ALL code is generated automatically and instantly!
    Cross-browser compatible. This means your iframes will work regardless of the browser the visitor is using
    Tells you EXACTLY where to put the code
    Automatic code generation for fake referring pages, literally just copy and paste
    Automatic code generation for campaigns allowing you to generate an UNLIMITED number of iframes automatically
    Automatic code generation for iFrame rotating, useful if you want to split test between offers
    Automatic frame resizing if cropping second page of the offer, even when in the iframe rotator!

    Fake, Blank or Show the Referrer:
    Fake the referring page of any iframe you create
    Blank the referring page of any iframe you create
    Show the referring page of any iframe you create
    Change the type of referrer on ANY campaign with the CLICK of a button
    All code is generated AUTOMATICALLY
    iFrames retain their referring type even when placed in the iframe rotator

    Automatic iFrame Rotation
    One-Click code generation for hundreds of iframes at once!
    View all iframes matched to a campaign and edit them accordingly
    Code rotation for iframes within a campaign are generated automatically
    Delete iFrames That Belong to Campaigns
    Easily add and delete campaigns
    Search your iframes by campaign
    Create campaign names to yourself

    Show popup message on form submission
    Show popup message after form submission
    Can be used with form redirect feature
    Can be used to let user fill out second offer
    Can be used to get user to give more information
    Automatic Code Generation
    Works in iFrame rotation as well

    Redirect to new URL on form submission
    Redirects user to URL of your choice after form submission
    Can be used with form popup feature
    Can be used to let user fill out second offer
    Can be used to get user to give more information
    Automatic Code Generation
    Works in iFrame rotation as well

    Manage iFrames by Grouping them by CPA Networks
    Easily add, edit, and delete CPA networks
    Link CPA offers to your CPA networks for easy organization
    Delete iframes based upon CPA network
    Search your iframes by CPA network
    View and modify all iframes based upon the CPA network they belong to
    Create notes to yourself about the particular CPA network for reference


    ** Exclusive VIP MEMBERS Content: Reply to see the content **

    Click here to become VIP Member to download or access it!
    ☆ βaZuReX ELITE TEAM ☆

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    nice share, thank man!

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    sure this still works wonders today

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    The Web

    great share, thanks

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    Hope this will work!

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    Nice Share
    Thanks Bro

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    Great Post

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    Thank you as usual.......,.

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    good work. thanks man

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    Thanks for sharing


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