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    [GET] Chamber Of Commerce Record Collector Software

    Congratulations! welcome to the chamber of commerce collectors software members area. Down below you'll find access to our software, quick guide, community and video.

    Feel free to use this guide through out your journey!
    Youíll find a ton of resources here to help get you start quick, fast and easy.

    Lets start off chamber of commerce within your own community. You can visit to find your local chamber community.

    You can always leverage Facebook to find chamber groups in your area. This is a great way to get a feel for what the group is about and check if itís something youíd Like to part of in the long term.

    Chamber of commerceís groups are an extremely easy way to land clients in variety different fields. Being a member or not doesnít increase your chances of landing clients but itís a great way to build credibility for your self as a consultant and get taken serious rite away vs. having to introduce yourself etc.

    If you intend on checking out a chamber event make sure to come prepared have everything set-*‐up websites, business cards, contact information etc.

    Follow up! Donít just take someoneís business card and not follow up. Call the next day. Do what you have to do to close that deal.

    You donít have to do this physicallyÖ

    You can get this all done online using our new software.

    Instead of asking for the business card you already have it in advance.

    So this gives you a chance to introduce yourself before attending the event.

    Something you can do is contact the business you are interested in meeting in advance and ask if they are attending the local chamber event.

    If they are awesome!
    If not keep it moving NEXT.

    If youíve learned something from me is that consulting is all about momentum and a bit of time. If you have both! You are good my friend.

    Remember this all doesnít have to be about attending any event.

    If you are looking to turn these leads into clients remember the following:

    Look for the problemÖ Do you have a solution?
    How soon can you provide it? How affordable is your solution? What is the cost?

    Make sure to really iron things about before you contact any of these businesses. You donít want to waste your time and there time. Keep it simple

    Another source to find chamber of commerce groups is youíll find extremely active groups on here.

    Watch your approach! It doesnít matter if itís via phone, email, direct mail, face to face etc. First impressions are what it all comes down. Some consultants go rite into the pitch and thatís never the way to go. Get to know your potential clients and see If they are a fit for you.

    Chamber of commerce record collector is providing you with leads your competitors arenít on to. So this is your chance to make it happen!
    This isnít the end join us in our group for more. Enjoy!


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    Thank you for sharing.

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    nice share boss

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    Thanks for this

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    thank you

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    thanks for share



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