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    [GET] Pin Blaster Cracked - Pinterest BOT - Automate Your Pinterest Accounts

    UPDATED : 06-10-18 - 22:54:09 GMT

    World’s Best Pinterest Automation Software!

    Automate Your Pinterest Daily Tasks With This Powerful Software!

    Save Time
    Stop wasting time growing your Pinterest Accounts! What used to take months to do, Pin Blaster will help you do it in days.

    Scrape Pinterest Content
    The bonus product Pin Grabber will allow you do download thousands of images from Pinterest, based on a keyword, category or account. After you download, upload them automatically on your WP blog.

    Pin, Repin And Like
    Pinning, liking or repinning was never easier. Scrape the list of pins you want to do actions on, and set and forget. Let Pin Blaster do all the work for you.

    Get Followers
    Pin Blaster will help you gather an insane amount of followers for your accounts. Start following people, and at the end of the day, automatically unfollow all people who didn’t follow you back.

    Multiple Accounts
    Pin Blaster can handle as many accounts as you want at a time. You can focus either on one account, or better, focus on tons of accounts. Start boost!

    Proxy Support
    When using multiple accounts manually, you need to always change the proxy, clear the cookies and cache. It takes tons and tons of time. Pin Blaster will automatically use proxies for your accounts, clear cookies and cache.

    Wordpress Content Poster
    Mass import images in Pin Blaster, that you can later automatically upload on your WordPress Blog, in various categories. After that, simply pin the new links on Pinterest.

    Comment Pins
    Nothing increases your Pinterest exposure more than commenting on other people’s Pins. You can mass comment using multiple threads and multiple accounts, all with 1 singe click!

    Multiple Repin Links
    When repinning, it’s always best to make things look natural. It’s good to use multiple links, or no links at all sometimes. Pin Blaster will take care of this, 100% automatically.

    Here’s where you can use Pin Blaster Crack…

    Health Niche
    Start selling health products by promoting them in your Pins and Repins. Pick a good selling health book or program, promote them through some great images and start receiving insane affiliate commissions.
    And the best part is that Pin Blaster will handle everything for you!

    Website Themes
    Promote pins that contains images for website templates. Start selling WordPress, Joomla or HTML templates to your followers.

    Pin images of awesome looking templates and sell that template as an affiliate.

    Affiliate Products

    You won’t believe how easy it is to sell affiliate products when you use Pin Blaster. Get a huge number of followers and then share pins with links to an amazon, clickbank, jvzoo or warrior plus product.

    Don’t have images for the products you want to promote? No worries, scrape them using Pin Grabber and use them in Pin Blaster.

    Pin Blaster Can Do Hours Worth Of Work…

    Literally in MINUTES!

    Searching for images, finding good titles for them, and then pinning each image, one by one on your Pinterest account can take hours and hours. Pin Blaster can do all the above, 100% automatically!

    Pin Blaster and the Pin Grabber bonus product will allow you to scrape hundreds of existing images from Pinterest, whether it’s about a great costume, a new game, a great website themes, an awesome amazon product. After you downloaded hundreds of images, you simply hit 1 button and Pin Blaster will Pin all the images on your accounts, in the boards you want.

    You can also use spyntax and multiple links, so each Pin has a unique website where the use will be redirected to after he clicks on that Pin.

    Here are the main features of Pin Blaster

    And you will understand why Pin Blaster is the undisputed number one Pinterest Automation Software

    Multiple account support

    Create Boards
    Multi-threaded board creation in different categories, for multiple accounts at a time.

    Delete Boards
    If you have boards that don’t have to much success, or you simply want to clean up your accounts, Pin Blaster will give you the option to mass delete boards.

    HTTP Request Enabled
    Pin Blaster does not use a Web Browser simulation. It uses pure http requests, making it ultra fast and stable.

    Check Accounts
    Mass check your accounts and see if they are still valid or not. Also refresh their stats (like followers/likes)

    Account Statistics
    View number of boards, users who follow you and users who you follow. View this statistics for each accounts you add in Pin Blaster.

    Unblock Accounts
    Auto unblock accounts by connecting to the email associated with the account, and verifying the Pinterest link received.

    Add Board Co-Creators
    Add board co creators (who can pin in your board). Make sure both you and the other user is following each other, and invite him to pin in your boards.

    Proxy Support
    Private and public proxy support (both ipv4 and ipv6). Simply add and individually assign proxies to accounts. The account will always use the proxy whe n doing actions.

    Mass Import
    Import accounts from a text file in various formats. Automatically assign proxies from the mass import file.

    Proxy Support

    Proxy support
    Manually assign or randomly assign proxies to selected accounts

    Proxy checker
    Check to see if the proxies are valid. If the proxies are broken, they won’t be used in Pin Blaster.

    PPOE Support
    Change IP using PPOE or call a custom .bat file where you can write Windows BAT Code

    Follow or Unfollow users

    Scrape Users
    Scrape users from category, keyword, user or location (geo target)

    Fake Friends
    Find all people that you follow, but that do not follow you back. After that, unfollow them automatically

    When following or unfollowing users, you can set custom delays, so your accounts look natural to Pinterest.

    Import Users
    Add users manually one by one or mass import them from a .txt file.

    Account Followers
    Find followers of one account, so you can later follow them back with your other accounts.

    Blacklist Users
    Add users to blacklist, so you don’t follow the same user twice, with different accounts.

    Multiple Follow
    You have the option to follow all users with 1 account, with chosen accounts or with all accounts.

    Export Users
    Export scraped users to a text file or export your fake friends to a text file.

    Ultra Fast
    Scrape users that you can follow very fast. You can scrape 500 users in less than 20 seconds.

    Actions on Pins

    Scrape Pins
    Search for pins from a specific category, keyword or account. After that do various actions on them.

    Blacklist Users
    You can tell Pin Blaster to NOT scrape pins from certain users.

    Ignore Pins
    Pin Blaster has an option that will allow you to repin/comment/like an item, only with 1 account, or with all accounts.

    Filter Pins
    Pin Blaster will give you the option to only scrape pins that have a minimum numbers of likes or repins.

    Change Repin Link
    When repinning, you can change the repin link. Use spyntax in the repin link and only change the repin link randomly.

    Randomize Accounts
    When doing actions, you can tell Pin Blaster to randomize the accounts list. In this way, you will make your actions seem more natural

    Multi Threaded
    Like, repin or comment pins multi threaded. Pin Blaster will do all this actions very fast, on multiple pins at a time.

    Multiple Boards
    Use random boards or default boards when repinning. Pin Blaster makes board management easy.

    1 Pin/User
    When scraping pins that you want to repin, you can tell the software to only grab 1 pin from a user.

    Content Poster

    Add Images From PC
    You can mass import images with the title assigned, from a .txt file. You can also tell PB to post this items on your blog or pin them directly to Pinterest.

    Custom Pin Links
    When pinning, you can tell Pin Blaster to use random links, or a specific link.

    What Accounts
    You can either pin/like/comment with 1 account, all accounts or selected group of accounts.

    Scrape Images
    Using the bonus product Pin Grabber you can scrape images (pins) from other users, and then import them in Pin Blaster. cracked

    Mass Like/Comment
    After you pin your items, you can then start mass liking or commenting your own pins, with the other accounts.

    Shuffle And Export
    It’s very easy to shuffle the list of pins, or even export the list to a .txt file, that you can later import again.

    Wordpress Poster
    If you don’t want to post the items directly on Pinterest, you can first upload them automatically on your blog, and then pin from your WordPress blog.

    Multiple Campaigns
    Our product supports multiple lists of pins/images. Work on different links, with different accounts.

    View Pin Preview
    When moving your mouse over a pin from Pin Blaster, a quick preview will show you how the Pin will look on Pinterest.

    Pin Grabber – BONUS

    Scrape From Pinterest
    Download images from Pinterest based on category, keyword or account. Export the images and then import in Pin Blaster.

    From 9Gag
    Download images and posts from 9gag, and then start pinning them on your own accounts.

    Custom Text
    Add custom text before or after the description of the scraped images.

    Let’s recap another time the main features of Pin Blaster:

    Automatic Follow People
    This feature will enable you to search for Pinterest people, and after that follow them.

    Unfollow Fake Friends
    Fake friends are the users that you are following but they don’t follow you back. Pin Blaster will automatically find this people and auto unfollow them.

    Automatic Like Pins
    This feature will give you the opportunity to mass like pins from a category or from a specific user. In this way your account will get a more legit look and usually the owner of the pin that you liked will come to check out your profile.

    Automatic RePin
    We’ve implemented this feature because it’s great to populate your account with pins. More pins on your accounts equal more repins/likes, that in the end, brings more traffic.

    Automatic Comments
    You will be able to add a list of comments (spin syntax) choose a list of pins and auto comment on all of them.

    WordPress Content Poster
    Posting quality content on your WordPress Blog is time consuming so we automated this task. Now you will have time to find viral content for your website and not worry about creating and uploading images to your blog.

    Automatic Pin Blog Posts
    This feature will pin each blog post that you create with Pin Blaster on one of your Pinterest accounts.

    Pin Blaster includes many other extra but useful features like proxy support, multiple account support,etc.


    ** Exclusive VIP MEMBERS Content: Thanks and Reply to see the content **

    Click here to become VIP Member to download or access it!
    Swallow it!

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