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    [GET] Track Social Profits 3.0 Cracked + License Key + Video Training

    How would you like to give your own brandable software away that everyone from local business’ or online marketers will want to use that will in turn?

    Build your list on auto pilot? Sounds pretty crazy right init right fam?

    Well my good friend Paul Okeeffe is doing just that, he has been quietly building a list with 1000’s of subscribers what’s best about it is that its on complete autopilot. He has built a list of 1000’s of subscriber’s which he can use to market to anytime he wants.

    Well instead of giving away the normal things like:

    Free reports
    Free ebooks
    Free videos
    He did something totally different he gave away free software that required the user to unlock with their email address. That’s right every time someone who unlocked the software he got their email address. But that wasn’t all, he then went even further and did something very clever that allowed him to build his list hands free which meant he didn’t need to do anything at all.

    All the leads kept flowing in on complete auto pilot. So what was the trick that Paul did to carry on building his list of complete autopilot?

    He allowed other marketers to give his software away for free too. Which meant they where building his list for him without him doing any work at all

    other than giving his software away!


    Tracks social profits crack is built in Adobe air and helps your track your social signals BUT that is not what is unique about this software. This software allows you to give it away and build a viral list of subscribers on auto pilot.

    You can rebrand the software, add in your own autoresponder code and your own advertising, and once anyone unlocks the software, the email is added to your autoresponder list and you also see your rebranding plus your advertising.

    PLUS the really cool thing is that you can allow the users they give it away to…to also give the software away! so not only are you building a list but you are also building a list virally.

    Track Social Profits Features

    Three Ways TRACKS SOCIAL PROFIT Will Be Able To Help You Today Even If You Have No Website, Traffic Or Skills

    Build Your Email List : This unique software will build your list on complete auto pilot. Imagine being able to give away software and it carries on working for you building more and more leads.
    Make Passive Income : With advertising features built in, Tracks Social Profit will send visitors to your products or affiliate offer. All on complete auto pilot making a 100% passive income that works for you 24/7.
    Reach More Customers : Tracks Social Profit instantly let’s you reach more visitors and potential customers than ever before. With the viral nature of the software the more its shared the more you reach.
    Read On To See Why I Think TRACKS SOCIAL PROFIT CRACK Is Perfect For YOU!

    I admit it. I suck at list building! At least I did until I discovered a list building trick that will change the way I’ll build email lists forever. It’s a dead simple system that allows you to build a list without writing free reports, without landing pages, and without paying for traffic.

    And if a list building “luddite” like me can do it, so can you! In just 12 weeks, I went from absolutely nothing to a list of 7000 subscribers that will provide me with a monthly income for as long as I want and that nobody can take away from me!

    And thanks to the viral nature of this new list building system.Your list continues to grow automatically

    Without writing up free reports.
    Without landing pages.
    Without paid advertising.
    Without fancy tools.
    Without domain names, blogs or content.

    Software developers have been quietly giving away their apps and tools for years…and building lists that would put most gurus to shame.

    And remember, this is true autopilot list building. Other marketers give this tool away…while you collect emails when people “activate” their account and start using the app.

    Here are 4 simple steps to get your first 100 subscribers by giving away Tracks Social Profit

    Go to your favourite marketing forum, LinkedIn or Facebook group.
    Let other marketers know you’re giving them the right to giveaway this tool to their visitors, or as a bonus to one of their products
    Rinse and repeat a couple of times, and then sit back and watch as marketers scramble to get their giveaway copies
    As people start entering their email to “activate” the product, watch your list grow in real time, right before your eyes!
    Truth is, there are tons of ways to “ignite” this viral list building method but remember:

    You only need a few marketers on-board to create a subscriber avalanche. With a handful of marketers giving away the Tracks Social Profit app, here’s how fast you can build your list.
    For example:

    If just 1 marketer gives away 20 copies each day, that’s already 140 FREE subscribers added to your list each week.

    With 15 subscribers, all giving away 20 copies each day, that’s 300 FREE subscribers per day or 2,100 FREE subscribers added to your list each week!

    That’s 109,200 subscribers per year, on total autopilot. And that, my friend, is the kind of list that can make you insanely rich.

    Track Social Profits Review – Conclusion

    Now you can let other people build your list for you, by giving away a truly valuable, in demand app while you collect emails from each user, and simply sit back and relax and you automatically build your list on autopilot.

    No complex product creation.
    No landing pages.
    No design tools.
    No testing.
    No paying for traffic.
    No silly Google or Facebook rules.
    Finally, Track Social Profits is a significantly efficient software to do marketing . If you want to start making much money, Track Social Profits cracked is right there for you.


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    thank for share

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    this is great man

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    Nice share right here. Thanks!!

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    thanks for this
    Yo soy El Gringo !

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