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    [GET] Automated Marketing Course PLR Full Package

    Not sure if this has already been shared did a search and did not find it

    [Image: DDdTu4hNBKNSCm9L8]

    Here's an overview of what you'll be teaching when you deliver your own course on How to Automate Your Online Marketing.

    Module 1: Introduction – How Automation Helps Your Online Marketing

    You'll start by discussing the meaning of the term ‘marketing automation’ and all the benefits for your business. The biggest benefit is usually time, but you might be surprised at some of the others.

    Module 2: What is the Goal of Your Marketing Automation Strategy?

    In order to create an automation strategy, marketers need to understand what they hope to accomplish first. In Module 2, you'll talk about different types of goals they might want to achieve and how they line up with the sales process.

    Module 3: Social Media Automation

    Social media can be one of your biggest time drains, sometimes with the lowest ROI. In Module 3, you'll look at how to cut the time spent on social sites, automate different aspects, but still keep social media marketing highly personal.

    Module 4: Email Marketing Automation

    Email is the heart and soul of many businesses, especially when it comes to developing relationships with both leads and customers. In Module 4, you’ll discuss how to automate many aspects of email marketing so that your students can do a better job of converting leads to customers and retaining the customers they already have.

    Module 5: Content Marketing Automation

    Content creation is something that’s often pushed to the side because marketers ‘don’t have enough time’, but content marketing is also a key part of building credibility online. In Module 5, you'll be looking at both ways to automate some of the marketing side of content, as well as tools that will speed up content creation.

    Module 6: Customer Follow-Up Automation

    Your current customers are your best source of repeat sales and additional revenue, but most marketers probably aren't taking advantage of all the automation available for making this happen. In the last module before you finish up, you’ll explore some powerful tactics and tools for using automation in ongoing customer relationship-building.


    By this point, you’ve discussed some astounding ways to use automation that will make an enormous impact on your students' business and their life. In the concluding module, you’ll have them spend time putting it all together by building their personal automation plan and identifying their next steps.

    Product Summary

    Here's a summary of all the content you'll get with your license

    Participant Materials

    Course Book
    Graphics and Screenshots
    Summary Checklist
    Slides Handout

    Facilitator Materials

    Speaker Notes
    Facilitator Guide
    Evaluation Form
    Research Sources
    Follow-Up Emails
    Mind Map Overview
    Top Ways to Deliver Your Training
    Instructions for Using Your New Content

    Promotion Materials

    Opt-In Report
    Opt-In Report Summary Checklist
    Opt-In Report Slideshow
    Opt-In Page
    Opt-In Follow Up Emails
    Blog Posts
    Sales Page
    eCover Templates

    Sales page :

    ** Exclusive VIP MEMBERS Content: Thanks and Reply to see the content **

    Click here to become VIP Member to download or access it!
    Swallow it!

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    thanks for the share

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    thanks for the share

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    thanks bro

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    thanks for the share



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