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    [GET] Popup Maker Nulled - PopUp Generator PRO v2.0.2 Free VIP Download

    Popup Maker™ is the best popup plugin WordPress has to offer. It is extremely versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of modal or content overlay for your WordPress website.

    Customize every facet of your popups, from theme and position, to targeting and cookies.

    Easily create EU cookie notices, optin popups, slide-ins, modal forms & more.

    Functional plugin “Popups Generator” for CMS WordPress is designed to ease the process of creating and configuring popups on a web site. He helps to manage pop-up information blocks flexible. It’s comfortable to change the content and settings of plugin display. A characteristic feature of this solution is the simplicity and efficiency of use.

    The advantages of plugin “Popups Generator”
    Popups Generator is a powerful tool designed under the demands of various sites owners. It is used for comfortable informing web resource visitors of current promotions and advertising campaigns, important news and much more.
    A distinctive feature of Popups Generator is the possibility of fine-tuning pop-up information blocks. It allows you to adjust to the activity of individual network users, using cookies. To edit popups an administrator is provided by a big set of solutions.
    Main features:
    Powerful editor: insert any content via the built-in editor. You can use a shortcode of any plugin
    Powerful styling: create any kind of popup
    Powerful placing: in addition to shortcodes, place the popup to the whole website, only posts, only pages, only certain pages or only certain posts, all posts except specified ones or all pages except specified ones
    Not only popups, but also flyouts!
    Show on click with id
    Show on click with #anchor
    Show on scroll
    Show on exit intent
    Show after page loadinge
    Show via fixed buttons
    Control the timing show popup
    Control with cookies
    Set up the close button
    Close on overlay and esc button
    Image backgrounds
    Mobile optimized
    Easily duplicate modal windows
    Animated display
    Show for users: for all visitors, for authorized or unauthorized site users
    Depending on the language
    Show after popup: function helps to set pop-up blocks display options one after another, if cookies are used
    Live preview
    What can you create with the Popups Generator:
    Modal Popups
    Info Bars
    Social Widget Boxes
    Slide-in popups
    Contact Forms (For example with the plugin Ulti Forms Form Builder)
    Countdown Popups (For example with the plugin Mega Countdown)
    Registration Forms (For example with the plugin Login with Facebook or Login with Google)
    Content Locker for unauthorized users
    Subscribe Popup wirh plugin “Subscribers Generator”
    Peculiarities of dealing with Popups Generator
    A distinctive feature of Popups Generator is the possibility of fine-tuning pop-up information blocks. It allows you to adjust to the activity of individual network users, using cookies. To edit popups an administrator is provided by a big set of solutions.
    Powerful Editor
    specify the text style;
    align the content to the page width or the page edges;
    add lists and quotations;
    insert, edit and delete links;
    expand the editor to full screen;
    display additional toolbar (changing the color of messages, insertion of a horizontal line, specifying indents and other tasks).
    insert shortcode
    Powerful Style
    width – used to change the popup width;
    height – specifies the height of the pop-up unit;
    padding – used to configure the internal indents from the content to the parent container;
    border width – sets the border thickness around the window;
    border radius – determines the degree of rounding the block corners;
    position – sets the positioning parameters of an element on the page (absolute or fixed);
    z-index – indicates the parameters of the “overlapping” the other elements by the window;
    top position and Bottom position – from the top and bottom edges, respectively;
    left position and Right position – from the left and right edge;
    background image – add a background image in a popup box with the specified reference;
    overlay – allows to plug the background layer overlay to a web page when displaying the window and select its color;
    background color – sets the general color block solution;
    border color – determines the display frame color.
    Mobile style
    trigger screening less than the specified resolution;
    form width.
    Close Button
    Main settings unit for “image” includes:
    size – setting the size of the cover form;
    top position – location on the Y axis;
    right position – location on the X axis;
    delay – specifying the delay time of button appearance;
    background color – sets the background image color;
    color – is used to select a color of the graphic element (or text) display .
    When choosing a close button in the form of text, appear some additional parameters:
    content – a field for entering a text message. The specified text will be displayed on the close button of a popup;
    padding top & bottom – internal upper and lower indent from the content to the closing element borders;
    padding left & right – internal indent on the left and right sides from the button content to the container borders;
    border width – it allows you to set the display frame width around the form;
    border radius – adds a decorative effect of rounding button corners;
    border color – sets the frame color.
    after page loading;
    clicking on a link with the set id or anchor;
    scrolling the window;
    closing the page.
    rolling out;
    dividing a block into several pieces;
    zoom and much more.
    Popup show
    pop-up unit display (Show for users) is set both for all visitors and selectively: for authorized or unauthorized site users;
    «Show after popup» function helps to set pop-up blocks display options one after another, if cookies are used;
    block display can be limited depending on the screen resolution;
    the language filter on the page sets in the drop-down list.
    Connecting a popup to the site (Publish)
    Preview – is used to preview the popup before the publication on the website. With the help of this option the process of checking the changes, made in the project, and correcting them without transferring data to the web resource becomes very comfortable.
    Update – saves the changes and applies them to the connected pop-up block.
    Delete – the button for deleting the window.


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    Swallow it!

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