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Kontent Machine 2

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    [GET] The Affiliate Black Book 3.14 - Free VIP Download

    There is a solution to every problem . . .
    When you believe that watch your life explode in ways you can't imagine.
    Back when Google made the last BIG policy change, seemingly aimed at affiliates, a lot of sleep was lost.
    Should I abandon Adwords, like everyone else?
    Or is there a solution?
    There is a solution to every problem.
    In spite of the frustration I kept on.
    I tried everything, almost. And again and again Iíd get a vague ďViolation of TermsĒ response.
    For two years I tweaked and tested and still my ads were rejected.
    And then I had an epiphany!
    Hereís the thought:
    Google sells over one billion worth of ads every year . . . what does their landing page to sell Adwords look like?
    I emulated their page. Not just the design, but what was there - and what was not. I emulated the tone of their copy.
    And guess what?
    Finally, my ads were approved and I havenít had an issue since.
    This was a rough go - Iíd made a killing by innovating creative responses that EXPLOITED Googleís policy changes.
    There were two big mistakes during that time . . .
    First, I was listening to what other ďgurusĒ were saying.
    You canít direct link. (Yes you can, though you should not)
    Google hates affiliates (Not true at all - they hate the way affiliates tend to write ads and their horrific choice of offers)
    You canít use a 3rd party shopping cart, like Clickbank. (that was the worst of them all even if the guy making that claim seemed to know what he was talking about).
    You canít have an optin form on the page (of course you can - it just canít be used as a gatekeeper).
    Why am I telling you this?
    Because Google was incredibly lucrative to affiliates . . . itís still the BEST source of traffic . . . and to those affiliates whoíve learned to work the system like REAL marketers itís still incredibly lucrative . . . and there is almost NO competition all over the place (though that is beginning to change).
    Look, the old ways of affiliate marketing being a shortcut to cash are over. Thatís just the reality.
    The good news though is you might learn some real marketing know-how as a result.
    The good news is the lazy, scheming players have been benched - permanently.
    The good news is that anyone willing to learn a new way of approaching marketing via Google can profit, handsomely.
    There are no shady tricks and schemes here -
    There are secrets to making this work - and they include building big lists, promoting products and services without any competition at all, creating real value for people, and perhaps most importantly establishing a foundation you can count on when Google decides to kill off the deadbeats again.
    So what is the Affiliate Black Book?
    For starters, like Facebook, itís way more than a book. Yes, thereís a ton of written content but also videos, software, checklists, cheatsheets and more.
    The essence of the Affiliate Black Book is angles and approaches - strategies and tactics - for exploiting the advantages of being an affiliate.
    The advantages of being an affiliate?
    Hell yes!
    You see, I donít see affiliate marketing as most affiliates do. I donít play the game like most affiliates do. This is a business. This is my traffic. These are my customers. I work more like a consultant than what youíd consider an affiliate.
    Let me explain.
    In 2002 I was working for several big name players in the personal development industry. They were paying me to improve their results.
    That was extremely frustrating and hereís why:
    They werenít accepting the best advice I had to offer them.
    We need to focus on one product on the home page . . .
    Nope we gotta have all 10 of them up there.
    Our primary focus should be getting people on an email list.
    Nope we gotta sell Ďem right now.
    It went on and on.
    And then I came across this amazing piece of software that blew the game wide open for me. It allowed me to build the site EXACTLY as I wanted it built while allowing me to be paid for every sale generated.
    Within a matter of months I was earning more in commissions than I was on retainer . . .
    So I quit! Headaches gone. Earning more money. When the work was done, it was done and I could move on to the next project (while still getting paid every month).
    Pretty damn genius, really.
    My account was like ďAre you dealing drugs or doing something illegal? Iíve been in this business over 20 years and Iíve never seen a business growing their revenue 10% and more - EVERY month.Ē
    And knowing I was just one guy doing everything made it all the more amazing to him.
    Can you imagine what it would feel like to increase your earnings 10% and more every month? Awesome, right!
    OK - I donít like hype and I donít want you to purchase this product under the pretense this is typical. Itís not. Don't buy this product because you think you might get rich quick without doing anything. Iím not selling magic pills - itís a system that works when itís implemented correctly.
    You might be lazy. You might have bad existing habits you can't change. You might be inept when it comes to following directions. This program won't change any of that for you.
    This must be super-hard stuff.
    Not really. In fact itís surprisingly simple.
    Not as simple as direct linking, no. But that horse is all but dead. Forget about it. Thatís not the smart way anyway.
    You need the right product - we cover tons of ways to dig up hidden gems nobody else even knows about.
    You need the right traffic - no shotgun approach here. We focus on the traffic that is virtually guaranteed to buy the product you promote. (I started with less than $50 per month - almost anybody can afford to work this system).
    You need to compel people to buy. And Iíve collected a metric-ton of tactics and strategies over the years.
    Pretty simple, right?
    I have a knack for discovering and exploiting loopholes. Little things that cause the marketplace cockroaches to run for cracks and higher ground become profitable opportunities.
    Over the years good Ďol ďXĒ has compiled an impressive arsenal of ass-kicking tactics and strategies that are, occasionally, bloodthirsty and ruthless.
    Let me be right up front with you - This is how the game is played by winners. If youíre that guy whoís always relegated to ďthe friend zoneĒ because you donít have the cojones to make the move then this, for you, is a pass.
    But if you love to play hard, fast and loose then welcome to ďthe gameĒ.
    To you, all the best - John R Barker

    Hey John, saw you liked my ad for my Google Display Network course.
    Kinda full circle for me since you are the guy I first learned Google ads from.
    Usually in my story Russell Brunson gets the credit for my success over the years. It was your course that I watched during his internship that helped me go from $60 in Adwords to 6-figures. Well your course and Russell's tips.
    . . .
    Would love to tell the real story of how it was your course during Russell's internship that started my whole paid traffic journey.
    I've gone from a pathetic $2/day to now having spent tens of millions.
    Thanks by the way
    - Justin Brooke
    The Affiliate Black Book is an explosive compilation of material guaranteed to give you an advantage against all comers.This is for the serious affiliate, or the affiliate ready to get serious.
    This is for you if youíre already producing results and you want to take it higher Ė or you need to protect your turf from a pack of rabid dogs out for your blood. I have spent the last 17 years dedicated, full-time, to discovering, dissecting, employing, engineering and reverse-engineering marketing systems that simply overpower not-just affiliates but also market leaders.

    WARNING: Over 40 pages are dedicated to mindset. This isn't airy-fairy feel-good fluff. It's how you need to think about what you're doing before you do it. It is as important as any strategy or tactic you will learn.
    You will learn the key mindset shifts and tweaks necessary to leave behind the 95% of affiliates that make nothing, and join the ones who are smashing it.

    Systems, Processes and Strategies. After you understand where a successful affiliate thinks from, then it's time to start sketching in the big picture.
    I have learned from the best - the marketing masters - and you will discover how to utilize that mastery to your advantage. This section will show you how to match the right traffic to the right offers. What this means is even if you have very little money to begin with, you will begin to experience low-risk, high ROI.
    In most situations the smartest person in the room is going to win. This is how you play the game like the smartest person in the room - by using superior strategy.
    Strategy is a plan for achieving a goal. In section three we move on to specific tactics that work within our strategy structures. You will discover ways to find the best products to promote, how to double conversion rates, how to deal with competition, how to write killer copy, and much, much more.
    Section three consists of many of the most dangerous and controversial methods you have ever been exposed to. It's important for you know that we walk the edge of the wild-side. We push the boundaries of what is legal and ethical (while staying within those bounds). There is no "black hat" here - what you will find instead are ruthless, cutthroat tactics executed with the intention of winning. We play to win.

    ďIn my opinion 'Mr. X' is a genius. His marketing information is really, really good and very useful.Ē

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